Wednesday, 7 July 2010

she and he

she missed him but she cant hugged him..

She love him but she cant kissed him..

She is crying whenever she think of him, but he is not there to wipe her tears..

He is gone, but he will always there in her heart..

He is up there smiling to her..

He is there, watching Her
even she cant hold him, kissed him, hugged him and watch him
She still felt his appearance and his love
not even she, but others too
she still got Her to take a good care
she still have her to show how she love her
she is now another her strength
she have to be tough and strong
and also, she still have us

Friday, 2 July 2010

peribahasa hatiku

kalau padi katakan padi
tidak aku tertampi-tampi

usah nanti

mata telah rabun
bandar pun terbuka
gigi telah gugur
tebu pun menjadi