Saturday, 14 February 2009


::yerps... finally i got that flip flop heels.. thats the way.. aha aha.. i like it.. huhu.. ive been searching for the flip flop for about 3 months.. actually i already got one.. but my neighbor has stole it.. geram and benci sangat.. tapi padan la muke saye kerna sape suh letak di luar rumah.. kan dah ilang.. my lost flip flop heels i bought it at Factory Outlet Store which aka FOS for da price of RM27.. pastu leh ilang lak.. sengal sungguh.. nak beli la sendirik... since da day of my flip flop heels been stolen.. i've been searching the new one.. tapi tak de yang berkenan di hati... argh... dah la susah nak cari.. dari ke Bukit Raja ke Sunway Pyramid ke MidValley.. tiade yg berjaya menambat hatiku ini.. but i'd found one in Sunway Pyramid.. Banana Peels nyer flip flop heels.. looks nice but with da price of RM69.90... i want to buy it... but later2 la.. dat tyme got not enuff money... then.. a week after dat.. dah abes lak.. yang tinggal size 9.. OMG.. even i was so stumpy... but my feet doesnt fit with size 9.. nampak sungguh macam kasut pinjam sat g... then cari2 lagi.. tetap tak jumpa!!!.. kalo jumpa pon.. da design n color was so sucks!! sorry to say.. but just to remember.. then mase kat faculty.. i saw this one girl wear the flip flop heels.. brown color.. it was so damn nice.. i ask my boyfie to ask her where did she got the flip flop.. but da girls walks so fast.. and my boyfie tak sempat pon nak tanye.. frustnyer... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... but its ok.. ill find it one fine day.. determination!!.. hahaha... and today.. i accompany my best friends to the pusat kesihatan.. and off course.. denggi suspected.. gosh.. nowadays was lots of denggi suspected and VICTIMS... then after dah pergi pusat kesihatan tu, we went to the Plaza Alam Sentral, coz she wants to takes her denims.. mase nak nak amek her denims tu.. lalu one stall kat escalator jual flip flops.. dat time mmg tak taruh harapan pon.. tapi saje usha2 flip flops yang dia ade.. then i saw dat flip flop heels.. yess!!!!... after tanye dat lady how much dat flip flop cost.. tanpe rase ragu2 lagi.. saye trus membelinyer.. yerps.. with cost of RM18.. murah kan?? dah la lembut.. tapi it was made in thailand.. but i dont care.. its just a flip flop pon.. and finally.. i got dat flip flop.. yippie.. yippie.. im so happy....

inilah dia flip flop heels yang saye purchased dengan harge RM18.. simple saje.. tapi saye suker..

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