Sunday, 20 June 2010

its all about a person call DAD

6th June 2010
ayah kepada cik Diyanah Amin telah kembali ke rahmatullah
he was like a father to me
i first met him in 2004
for me he was a great and lovable father
but, after dat date, he will no longer witn us
dia telah pergi untuk selamanya
pergi takkan kembali
even he is not my biological father, but i feel comfortable with him
and to Diyanah Amin
i know u are not so tough to face this matter
but this is what we called LIFE
be tough and you still have some beloved person surround you

15th June 2010
it was my dad birthday
my biological dad
but i didnt wish him his birthday
bad daughter am i??
sorry abah.. i hope i still can wish u another year
but did i still have the chances to do so??

20th June 2010
today i log on to my FB account
and i realise, most of them are wishing their dad HAPPY FATHERS DAY
and i also notice, nearly half of them
had lost their dad and how they missed their dad in heaven
and as for me?
i still didnt wish my dad on this special day

should i wait till it was too late to wish my dad?
should i wait till i dont have the chances to show him how i love him so much?
shoul i?
now i realize how bad am i as a daughter

even we are not very close.. since i was a kid till i turn to girl and now can be called a grown up lady.. deep inside my beating heart, u are still my abah and how i love you so much.. i dont have bulk memories with you.. all i can remember, only a certain part of it.. how i cry seeing u walking away.. because i know, i have to wait a long time to see u again..
when i was a kid, friends of mine, keep on talking and describing how their father it is.. how nice their dad are.. and as for me, i can only tell them about ibu.. and sometimes, i did lied to them about you.. just to show that i also have a happy family too..
as i turn to a grown up lady, i felt a bit ashamed to show you how i love you so much.. even in my beating heart, i know i do.. reading all the status on FB today regarding their 'gone' dad make me realise, how would i felt if u are no longer with us..

and i felt


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