Sunday, 27 March 2011

i am miss strong

i met him today, after 5 month break up with him.. meet him just to return the camera which he used my name in one contest.. and my name got the consolation prize which is the camera..

i met him today, but i felt nothing.. yes.. i can face him now.. and i know actually i was totally STRONG to face the past..

and then.. he was staring at me and i said, "what??"
suddenly he said, "rindu dowh... salah tak if nak cakap macam tu?"
and i just replied... "nope.. tak salah.. its ur heart to felt that way.." and i just smiled..
he did said too that he missed the old times.. and he said that, i never change.. still the same aida..
and i asked him.. "why i must change?? this is me.. the real me.. the one that you dumped for other womensssss and the one that get hurt when u said u love me less and less and less because of that womenssss!! i didnt change, it was u who changed!!" then i can see his face reaction full of regretfulness...

but darling!! past is past.. we still can be friends.. no hurt and heart feeling.. u used to be part of me... u used to own the throne of my heart.. u used to show me the love.. so, i owe u lots!!

at sometimes.. somehow.. i admit.. deep down in my heart.. i do missed you too... 


  1. Hahahaha...c0ngrate f0r da str0ng heart u hav there. Turn aku plak utk rsa what u have felt f0r da past 5 m0nth. Huhuhuhu...aku pn bru jer ptus kasih. Hahahahaha!!! Agak keb0sanan ^^

  2. be strong.. at first mmg rasa sgt2 down... sgt2 sakit hati, sedih and etc... but time will heal you.. u can do it my dear!!

  3. tQ cik mimi.. and yes!! i am strong!! (^____^)v


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