Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Annoying Malaysians

They like to ask questions.
They tend to ask something.
They love to ask everything.

Sometimes they didnt realize that the questions they asked, obviouslly they already knew the answers!!

I hate it when they asked me

1. Bila nak ada baby?

2. Tak bosan ke jadi housewife?

3. Tak sayang ke berhenti kerja padahal gaji dah almost RM5k per month

4. Belajar tinggi-tinggi but why pilih housewife?

5. Tak ada baby ni sebab family planning ke?

6. Tak nak try product X ke utk dapat baby?

Etc etc etc

Everything regarding my future baby and decission i made to became a fulltime housewife!



Before i decided to made any decission, 

I seek an advices from my husband, family and close friends

I'd scale the good and bad effects

I forecast my back up plan

So please,

Ask nicely and preserve your comments and recommendations to ur own self.

Did you know that advices and comments and totally two DIFFERENT things?

Thank you! 


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