Wednesday, 28 January 2009

One Stop Centre

actually im trying to do my thesis to help me out in graduating for Bachelor Degree of Town and Regional Planning end of this 2009 year.. when it comes to thesis everything will be blank and im totally blur.. but i had decided to this research.. a research of 'Implementations of One Stop Centre (OSC) in DBKL (Act 267) and MPSJ (Act172)'.. why do i choose this two local authorities? the answers is simple.. i was suppose to do the research for local authorities who are using differents act in their development control.. and in Malaysia, only KL are using the Act267 and others states are using Act172 to control their development.. and MPSJ because it has became an example for all local authorities for their OSC systems.. now let me tell you a bit of what is OSC..

In order for the government to create the local authorities that is more reliant on transparent system and less of discretion, the government has set up the One Stop Centre for planning permission application easement. The government is committed to improve the management of the local authority as front line agency which provides last mile services to the public in response to demand for greater accountability and transparent system. The present of the approving system and procedures at the local authorities could not cope with the increasing demand from the public and private sector. Local authority is viewed as inefficient and has many of flaws in the delivering system making them to target of integrity issues. The publics complaints were mounting that the local authorities were dragging their feet and slow in giving approvals especially in areas oh high impact development. There are lots of factors that led to the inefficient and ineffective delivery system at local authorities such as the differences in interpretation of laws and by laws, procedure that differ from state to state and local authorities to local authorities, time consuming in approvals process, political influence and etc.

In order to overcome this matter, the government has set up four new initiatives, and one of the initiatives is the establishment of a new stop centre at local authorities. This initiative had launched on 13th April 2007One Stop Centre (OSC) is a new concept in introducing simultaneous process on getting approval for development project. The development project comprises three which was application for conversion and sub-division, and re-alienation of land, application for planning and development order, and application for building plan. The OSC policies included; all three application to be submitted simultaneously for fast track approval and flexibility in submitting separately if the developer wishes to do so.

for more info of the OSC system... do feel free to ask me or maybe u can go by yourself to the Ministry of Local Housing and Local Government..

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