Thursday, 29 January 2009

my new mykad

today goes like usual.. nothing special happens.. just nice... i wake up at 8am in the morning, taking my bath and went to the JPN to collect my new IC.. finally i love my new IC.. even my pic not pretty, but its better than the previous one which my friends said like 'amoi mati excident mate terbeliak'.. gosh.. how i hate my pic on that.. this all because of the officer.. 'dik, besarkan lagi mate tu.. besar lagi...' dont he know that my eyes are small?? how can i open my eyes as big as he needed? and as results.. my ic looks like a dead chinese.. yucks... but now im happy with my new IC.. just nice.. hehehe... now i wont be ashame anymore!! yeayyy~...

when i was in the JPN this morning, while waiting for my turns to take the queque number, there is one boy aged 17.. he lost his IC.. but what is the pathethic part is, he forgot his IC number.. OMG!! how can you forgot your NRIC number.. plus.. you been holding the IC since you are 12.. 5 years you been holding it, and you dont even have an initiatives to remembrance it?? how pathethic he is..

actually i dont know what to write.. i felt sleepy and see you again.. c yaa~

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