Tuesday, 10 March 2009


today posting is about the birthday celebration made by 312 Blok 12, Seksyen 7.. which is from Me, Dyanah, Hana and Iza.. and the birthday celebration was successfully with the cooperation from Blok 40 (Sally, Mimi, Kak Ina & Rohana), Blok 8 (Din, Deen, Mamat & Faiz), Blok 54 (Awen & Cinok), Blok 15 (Azrul) and Blok 23 (Mena, Wana, Shy & Ana) and also Rina & Peja.. wurps.. forgot to tell u guys that who is the birthday girl??.. hehe.. it was Siti Dayana Mohd Khairi.. she had turn to 23 years old on March, 8th 2009.. Happy Belated Birthday my dear friends.. just a small celebration for as a thought..

Actually it is a last minute plan from us (the housemates).. this evening we went to Plaza Alam Sentral.. just to buy printer's ink.. then when we pass at the Bees Bakery.. Dyanah suggest to buy a cake and celebrate her birthday.. since she (dayana) said that there is no celebration from her birthday from anyone including her family.. so we decided to do a simple celebration.. just with a cake.. then Dyanah invited all of our classmates to gather at 312 Blok 10 around 8.10pm...

when the clock turn to 8pm, i asked dyanah to ask dayana to accompany her to mini market so we can set the house to party place.. hehe.. So both of them went to buy the chicken wing with no doubt.. tralala.. then Dyanah message me told me that the chicken wing is done.. and they are on the way back home.. OMG.. my classmates is not arriving yet.. then i asked dyanah to buy TOM YAM... with a reasons.. rina bought plain rice.. and she want TOM YAM.. haha.. actually it is just a reasons to delayed them.. while waiting for the TOM YAM to be ready, 312 Blok 10 starting getting full with peoples..

and now.. it is the event.. dyanah messages me and told me that she on the way back home.. i asked dyanah to ask Dayana go in first.. without any doubt, once she enter the house, the flour is on her face.. peoples starting to sing the birthday songs... and etc etc etc..

this celebration was awesome with the sporting birthday girls (even she had been throw with the flour), the cooperate classmates (who makes this events more merrier) and the helpful housemates (who had planned it well event last minute)..

lastly, happy birthday.. and May Allah Bless you and always be with you...

Some of the peoples who had contribute in this celebration

Thanx to all yang datang bawak air, ais, jajan, ayam, and etc etc etc.

P/S: today was my Mom Birthday also.. i already wished her and hope hapinness always be with her to.. my siblings will celebrating my mom birthday on 21st March.. coz on that day, my sis who live in Batu Pahat will be coming home.. we will also celebrate my aunt Birthday (march 9), my mom birthday (march 10), my cousins and bro in law birthday (march 11), my sis annivessary (march 12)..

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