Monday, 9 March 2009


today posting is about my lunch meal.. hehe.. guess what did i had for my lunch?? hehehe.. i cooked Spaghetti meatballs and Potato Salads.. yummy yummy my tummy.. sedap sungguh taw.. actually, sebenarnyer tak de plan pon nak masak spaghetti tu.. smalam when to Tessa Cohan (aka TESCO) to buy some toiletries, barang2 dapur, and etc etc etc.. pergi Tesco bersama Cik Rina tu.. then sedang2 memilih barang tu.. and melewati ke bahagian FOODS... rase cam nak masak je esok harinyer.. then tanye they all ape maw makan for tomolow?? then they all cakap nak spaghetti.. then tetibe je rase kecur air liur ni.. padahal baru je makan atas Flight otw back to Malaysia past few days.. then tanpe berfikir panjang trus membeli bahan2 nyer and Today its COOKING TIME~.. i like men masak2 taw.. mind theraphy.. hak hak hak...and it was not the first time pon i make that spaghetti.. tak kesah la sedap ke tak.. tapi yang pastinyer enak skali.. and rase cam puas sungguh melihat teman2 makan tak berhenti.. hehehe.. and opkos gwe pon makannyer enggak berhenti deyh.. and for apetizer.. we had a salad.. salad that contains cellery, potato, crab stick, brocoli and opkos MAYONAISE.. it is semi healthy food.. hehehe.. and now.. im full.. totally full.. rasenyer boleh tahan sampai malam ni.. hehee.. tomowor nak masak ape plak eyh??? nyumm nyumm nyumm

the potato salad and spaghetti with its gravy

our lunch set...

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