Monday, 25 May 2009

Live Your Life

its been days i didn't posted any writings.. a bit busy with a my life.. even though no longer been called as students.. and also.. still not been call an employer nor employee.. life been ups and down lately... but, what ever happen, must have a reasons.. GOD didn't promise day without rain and laughter without pain.. and we as HIS slave, have to accept everything that fated.. and me? as a person.. ill never regret any mistakes that I've been done.. cause it makes me WHO AM I TODAY.. i know, I'm imperfect.. too much straight forward with my words... but hey, im just being honest!! if u cant take the truth, never seek me for advices.. just live in lies and fake.. MAKE a life.. a real life i mean.. and i really meant it.. that is your life.. so u are the one who should determine what will your future be.. you are the one who have the right as decission maker in your life.. not others life of course.. Parents, family members, relatives, friends and other peoples just as a guidances, advisors, and consultants.. but, to becoming who u really are for the next 10 years.. 20 years.. its started on what you doing today.. it started on what u have decided today.. life its not easy.. its true... in life its not easy to become easy and it is not really hard to become hard... plan well.. take a risk.. and enjoy.. life too shorts.. too shorts to those who doesnt really know how to appreaciate it..

my life? its been pretty cool lately.. im graduating Bachelor of Degree Town and Regional Planning (hons.) on November., and off course, with GOD wills.. im planning to started my own business... because i dont really like working for others.. plus, 'Perniagaan itu 99% pintu rezeki'.. then... im planning to further my study in Master.. yerps.. by hook or crook.. i will take my Master.. next?? planinng for something.. but just lets it be secrets.. when it comes to time, i will proudly announce to publics.. married?? no no no.... dat is out of the plan.. *ching~

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