Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2009 achievements

here is the list
for what i had achieved
in the year of 2009

*finally, ive been out of country**
even tak de la jauh mane pon.. but hey!! i've made it
merasa gak naik kapal terbang
even hanya air asia
and fly over to YOGYAKARTA
5 days 4 night
such a memorable and enjoyable moments
especially celebrating my dear besties aka Dyanah Amin
23rd Birthday

**finally i got and A for Thesis**
OMG.. such a horrible moments
when it said about THESIS
a scarry supervisor
and a mental torture
but hey!! i've made it
and i got and A
which also entitled me to receive the
Dean List for that semester

**finally i become an employer**
firstly ive become an Research Assistant for my lecturer
then got an offered at the Statistics Department
the finally at Cerana Design Associates
and hey!! ive made it as a Town Planner

**finally i own a car**
its not really big achievements actually
but hey!! ive made it
i already own a car
which is not KEHENDAK but totally KEPERLUAN

**finally im become UiTM Alumni**
my graduation day
even it was my 2nd convocation
after my Diploma's Convocation
hey!! ive made it
ive grab the
Bachelor of Town And Regional Planning (hons)
5 years learning process is worth it now

**finally i became a STUDENTS again**
yes it is..
i am a students now
and im totally proud to be called as students once again
Master of Science in Geographical Information Systems
that is what i am now
and i really hope
that i can made it

a great year
full of laughter and tears
but hey!!
past is past
and now

hope it will bring
more prosperity, laughter, health, love and etc

goodbye 2009
hello 2010

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