Monday, 14 December 2009

forthteen december

14 12 1986
new baby girl was born
a cute yet adorable girl
but only when she was a little

14 12 2009
she's turning to 23 years old
another year that requires she
to be more
matured and independent

we seems not a veryyy closed friends
one of a kind
she still a friend to me

no expensives presents
no memorable celebration
thoughts is most important

and today
on her 23rd birthday
ive done something out of mind

in crowds
at the parking lots
look what have i done to her car

gosh.. i know im to sweet
thhhe hhee hee
baloons to cheer her up
on her special day
happy birthday


dia bilang sama saya
habes dia kena gelak dengan budak2 opis
kih kih kih
padan muka

mase saya letak dat baloon at her car
a young little lady
"ayah.. ayah.. ade baloon.. nak baloon"
dalam hati den
jangan le dak ni cilok baloon ni

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