Sunday, 22 November 2009


entry kali ni.. saya nak crite about my weekend this week..


siang nyer tak de ape yang menarik.. but event malam tu.. saye ade dinner ALUMNI TRP merangkak merangkap "celebrating 40th TRP department in UiTM".. tak sanga taw.. baru je sebolan jadi alumni dah dapat invitation.. sponsered lagi taw.. hehe. jangan jeles..

about da dinner.. the theme is ruby and black.. so dalam tu nyer deco mmg all red gitu.. looks grand and impress about the deco.. thumbs up for the comittee yang deco dat hall... then cari2 meja number 23.. ok.. meja yg di barisan blakang.. but it is OK.. name pon sponsor kan.. takkan nak demand table yang cost rm3k isnt it? then we all take our seat and start wif all the gossipings... (^-^)... but, then Dyanah Amin said to me.. ada ikan la.. and i was quite blur that time... tgk on the menu list.. 'aah..ade fish saulted with bla bla bla..' the Dyanah Amin said.. bukan makanan la... atas meja tu..dalam balang tu ada ikan.. then i realise about it.. aah la.. ade ikan laga.. but poor that ikan laga.. i doesnt know sape yang sket la punya cerdik cam albert einstein tu.. p letak ikan laga tu dalam balang.. its quite nice and unique.. tapi yang terlebih cerdik tu.. yang p letak dalam balang campur air sirap wadefak?? tak ke aniaya hewan tu?? cerdik sungguh pemikiran kalian.. i know that suppose to be ruby theme.. tapi takkan la air dalam balang ikang pon nak warna merah??? ish ish ish...

then it goes to foods.. of course la.. nama pon dinner.. we all doesnt really care ape performance yang bakal they all present.. food is the important part when we talk about DINNER... then, before we attend this dinner... promotion nak tarik orang suh attend mmg dasat.. siap kuar statement, sape tak pergi rugi.. and food that will be served is from d'tandoor... pergh... meleleh air liur before datang!! but... reality? no komen!!! but from my perception... it start wif appetizer which is chef salad... the chef salad ade bawang, tomato, and daun salad.. ok la.. not so bad.. then it goes to mushroom soup and soft rolls.. the mushroom soup no soooooooo yummy.. tawar rebeh.. tak abes pon makan.. then it goes to roasted chicken and garlic butter rice... this one is OK.. so bila this one dah ok.. we expected more isnt it??? after that we all been served with beef and black paper sauce.. SUCKS!!! the sauce is tooo hot.. cam nak membunuh je.. then the beef.. bapak liat nak mampos.. patah tangan den nak motong daging tu.. dah potong tu sekian.. nk kunyah lagi sekian.. durh~... then it goes to fish saulted with ape benda ntah.. macam fish and chip le.. but yang datang? macam cokodok ikan je.. then tepong je lebih.. ikan nyer a bit hanyir!! then the closing.. they all serve cheese cake and fruits.. ok.. cheese cake yg dia bagi tu hanya lah sponge cake berperisa oren!!! and one of the members at my table said, this is not cheese cake.. but it is CIS kek?? ahaha.. Ok end of the foods~ so u all rase camne? worth it or not? naseb bek la im paying nothing!!

then the best part is.. bila dapat jumpa all the lectures.. yang paling best.. our Head of Programme aka PM Syed said.. hey.. 'this is the best batch'... smile on our faces.. hehe.. then Dr Hafazah said.. 'u all still the best la.. budak2 skang ni tak sronok cam u all la'.. seee.. we all bukan kaki bodek lecturer.. but we all know.. we ARE the BEST.. and we will never forget what PM Wan Yusoff told us.. 'ur class makes my life happy la'.. ahahaha... and PM Fuzi wif his fav quote 'ni budak2 nakal'... we do bring cheers to the department and especially the lecturers.. :)

but as sum up.. the dinner was OK.. performance OK..and everythings OK.. just when it comes to the foods.. no so very OK.. maybe mase food testing too they all serve yang lain.. but when the actual event.. it a bit mess.. i doesnt blame anyone on this.. i do think the commitee had done their best for this event.. anyhow.. thumbs up for the committee.. wonderful jobs.. (the foods is not u all nyer jobs kan.. so feel no worries about that.. ahaha)


weekend yang seperti biasa.. siang nyer saye ke opis.. menyudahkan kerja saya.. this is all because saya maw cuti on tuesday.. maw uruskan pasal master saye.. :).. sampai my 2nd bos said.. awak ni asek mintak cuti je..kalah PM.. but when he know that ill be pursue my studies at master level.. he was quite shock.. dia ingat i was going to resign... but i said.. no.. i still be working here and make ur life miserable wif my pontianak laughing.. ahahaha..

then petangnyer.. i went to the Putrajaya wif ibu, angah, adek, abg nizam and qaseh.. not to forget my 2 housie who is Lala and Dyanah ... jalan2.. bergamba sana sini sket.. then went back to shah alam.. makan2 and balik ke umah angah.. yang bestnyer.. naek keta baru!!! best woo... siap bleyh berdiri agy dalam keta tu.. dasat sungguh.. kagum plus jakun jap dengan keta tu... tak payah bli avanza untuk 7 sekeluarga.. kami yang 8 orang ni leh muat wooo dalam tu.. ahahahaha... (tapi tok sah cite la camne sardinnya in dat car)

just to see Dr Mahathir biography... the funny part is.. angah ingat Dr Mahathir was the blogger for PlatypusPupus.. ahahaha.. sebab dat tyme we all tgh cakap.. Dyanah maw tgk Dr Mahathir's biography.. and Dyanah was the author for PlatypusPupus.. but angah misunderstanding by thinking PlatypusPupus is Dr Mahathir blog.. ngekk.. takkan la Dr M maw letak dia nyer blog PlatypusPupus.. ape daaaaaaaa....


end of my weekend
its quite simple
but it does bring laughter to me
for this couple days
hope the next weekend
will gave me lots of laughter


  1. best ari ahad tuh..mula2 igt last2 dpt jalan2..jauh lak tu..hihi..mmg kter xtau aper yg bakal berlaku kn2..

    pasal angah tu mmg klaka..hihi..

  2. best ari ahad tuh..mula2 igt last2 dpt jalan2..jauh lak tu..hihi..mmg kter xtau aper yg bakal berlaku kn2..

    pasal angah tu mmg klaka..hihi..


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