Monday, 13 September 2010


  1. you got a very good looking until other tries to get your attention
  2. you were too cool till i cant argue no more
  3. you always tell me the truths went sometimes i just want to hear a bit lies
  4. you always care about me until i cant be independent
  5. you always there for me until i cant felt lonely
  6. you always said that u love and miss me until i felt nothing with those words
  7. you put me on the first when sometimes i want to be your last
  8. you hurt me by letting me think and missing you the whole day
  9. you dont said too much when i want to hear your voice

and last but not least
the MOST reason why i HATE you is..

10. you let me fall in love with you.. and this love became stronger and stronger each day..

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