Saturday, 25 September 2010


we easily forgive people
we still want them in our live

i forgive but i wont forget
all the mistakes that u ever made
it doesnt meant that i will talk about it
but just as a caution to me for the next time
i forgive but i wont put the trust
like i used to do before
i doesnt meant that i dont trust u at all
i just wont to be hurt again

i forgive
and yes
i want you in my life
but please dont take me for granted
coz i am ordinary human dat do has heart and feeling
i cant promise that ill always be there
when things happen more than twice


  1. try to forgive and forget............. manis sangat rasanya......

  2. yes.. i forgive.. but it takes time for me to forget.. especially when things happen more than twice


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