Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Some Things Are Felt

Some things are felt
and not spoken
and when i want to ask for them
and if you do them
after i ask for them
then there's no use

some things are felt
and not spoken
that hurt in the heart
but it doesnt show
and i stay tired of all the time
between telling you or not saying a word
i CANT tell you to change your whole approach of loving me
or have some jealous towards me
or surprise me once and bring me a gift
or to let me live and see something i didnt expect
i CANT tell you to make the world a more beautiful place in my eyes
and change things in me
no matter how close you are to me or from me
i CANT tell you the way i WANT our life to be
you SHOULD know by yourself

sometimes it appears that i have stayed quiet
and calmed down, pleased, and gotten used to it
this doesnt mean that you think i have given up
and sometime you feel that i have gotten bored of this
though im just hiding the tiredness
oh my love, dont let me reach a stage where i'd say
"i wish i had spoken and said something"

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