Tuesday, 30 November 2010


cik dyanah amin berkata pada saya

"saya ada sorang kawan.. Matanya bulat-bulat.. Hidungnya kecil dan mulut macam tweety.. Dia suka tertawa, dia suka marah-marah.. Dia suka cakap lepas.. Suka buat benda tak pikir akibatnya..
Tapi hati dia sangat lembut.. Kelebihannya tak terungkap.. Tapi kelemahan dia hanya satu.. Iaitu CINTA.. Satu benda yang cukup buat dia hilang arah and hilang semua kelebihan.."

and i stood down and realise

yes.. I can be very stupid when it come to love..
I can turn to someone else when it involve with love..
I will do anything just for my love..
I cant think wisely when im in love..
Love really changes me..
When i said 'i love you'.. I really meant it.. And i will do anything for it.. Sometimes i can be silly and i always hurt my self because of love.. I was scared to not be loved.. Thats why i will do anything for love..
When i love someone, i will accept him the way he are.. He doesnt have to change much for me. I just need his love, care and a bit of attention.. No matter how bad he is before and after.. I will accept him like the way he are.. In one condition, that he love is for me..

I know that love is hurt.. Loving someone is really hurt.. But im not afraid to fall in love again.. Even i know that my heart is too fragile.. I can get really hurt because of love.. I still need love..

For the one who i gave my heart to, love me as the way i am.. Im not perfect.. But your love make me feel almost perfect.. Im not pretty or gorgeous, but i hope i look sweet in ur eyes.. I want nothing, except your care and love.. Im a loyal lover, so please dont be afraid to get dumped.. Heee~.. Because, as long as u know how to handle my heart with care, my heart and love will always be yours..

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