Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My Dear Diyanah Amin

which own by my besties "Diyanah Amin"
and suddenly, i saw this post
which, absolutely TOUCH MY HEART

and this what im going to said

My Dear Diyanah Amin, 

no matter what worlds bring, no matter how life turns to be.. in ups and downs, you will surely always be my besties.. who i would seek for to grab some advises, to share some thoughts, to argue about silly things, to be mad without unnecessary things.. 

you always been there for me no matter in what situations.. even u wont be there physically, but mentally u are out there.. always lend me ur hands, eyes, ears and especially a shoulder to cry on. i OWE u lots which money CANT buy..
you are my TRUE FRIENDS because u can find a sorrow behind my smile, words behind my silence, and love behind my anger! (^_____^)v

tak kira mana kaki aku akan melangkah.. kau tetap sahabat aku dunia akhirat..
walau kita tak duduk bersama suatu hari nanti, kau tetap punya ruang di sudut hati aku..
sebagai sahabat, sebagi teman, sebagai kakak, sebagai pengkritik, sebagai guru, sebagai penghibur, dan bermacam lagi..
selamanya persahabatan ini akan kekal abadi walaupun aku dah berlaki

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  1. tetiba je air mata jatuh bila tgk gambo tu..padahal sendiri yg tu x lak nangis..hihi


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