Saturday, 8 January 2011

as a new staff on the new year

entry ini akan menjadi sangat panjang.. so cut it short.. no need an intoduction. as to those who really 'follow' this bebelanku, and really read all of my entry.. u guys off course dah tahu kan, that i already switch my job.. from the Town Planner to an Business Development Officer at aeon which dia punya famous name is Jaya Jusco.. yes it is the shopping complex! no need to gave me that awkward face reaction!! well, i agreed.. some yang tataw will ask me this question and gave me some of this reactions:

  1. kenapa tukar bidang? (it means from planning field to a 'marketing' field
  2. is this still in the planning field?
  3. waaaa... pas ni boleh la bagi kita org discount!
  4. nanti if ada sales, jangan lupa bagi taw!
  5. so ko jadi salesgirl la ni? or cashier? or promoter?
  6. kerja kat cheras? kan ke jauh tu! jammed lagi!!
  7. what?? kerja full day on alternate saturday?? eee.. tak de life langsung!!
  8. etc etc etc etc
natural of human being, they will gave us negative reactions that sometimes will let us down.. but, just put a side what people may talk, may predict, may assumed, may thought and etc! as what im always said to my own self, their toes arent in my 'high heels'.. well.. yes!! ade yg bagi positive reactions.. millions thanks to my khalili hanun (which you know who you are) and also my much much much love of family members especially you, MOM!

well.. here is what im going to summarise, for what i've been thru for a week here.. as a new staff in the new year of 2011..  so those who might think i making a wrong decission and choosing the wrong path in my life, exaggerated your eyes and read this carefully! or maybe you can repeatly read this post.. (^____^)v

being a new staff here, yes i do need to learn lots of things! new environment.. new experiences, new bos, new company and off course, new salary! i still in the TOWN PLANNING field.. yes, i am the business development, but im not the one who doing the market research. im not the one who promote stuff for the buyer. im not the one who will be taking people money in put in the cash register.. im not the one who manage about sales and promotions.. im not the one who manage company events and etc!.. my job description is simple! i just have to do the catchments area for any potential site and plotted it on the map. that is really briefly about my work description right? detail on it? let it be P & C!

the environment here, is quite good.. working with more than 500++ staff in one roof! can u imagine that? and off course, my company is not located on the prestige area.. complete with nice landscaping area and water fountain that u guys imagine! my working area is just on the top of the shopping complex! which the view is only car park!! but who cares? owh.. i know u care!! but, i dont! with more than 500++ staff here, i really can make lots and lots of friends.. and most of them are 'mata sepet'.. ahahaha.. mata sepet are the combinations of japaneese and chinese! and i  dont have any problems on that.. majoriti of my collegues are chinese and my bos are japaneese! awesome right?

the discplinary in here are very good.. people are just staring at their pc and doing their work.. but we still can have a chit chat or malay said, sembang kosong! seriouslly, the environment tak pressure langsung! cuma im new here.. so tak banyak kawan lagi.. and im the one jenis tunggu kawan bukan cari kawan.. so tataw mahu sembang kosong and gelak cam pontianak dengan sapa lagi.. but, i do believe in my self.. another 3 months.. maybe i can laugh out loud! (to kak kerry, that is what LOL means.. LOL doesnt stand for tolol ok.. hehehe)..

next, about the traffic jammed! well well well.. i cant argue anymore on this.. yes.. i have to face the jammed.. but, sooner or later i will get used of it.. and maybe, this traffic jammed can really teach me how to be patient!! yes!! how to be patient!! and also, macam mana caranya nak bertolak ansur dengan org lain.. and the most important thing, it teach me how to wake up early!! ahaha.. so after this, this stumpy lady wont wake up late anymore!! miahahaha..

working on saturday? well.. biasa je.. yes i can said that.. because im still single and i dont have any family commitment! i dont have any kids and husband to entertain on the weekend.. and for the time being, im single and not yet have any boyfriends that i need to date on. but, hello.. it is alternate saturday! not every saturday.. and the most intreting point is, i can pick any weekend.. and i can also change the alternate saturday to any other day!. great isnt it? and disebabkan saya ni bekerja di shopping complex, i can shopping everyday!! ahahaha.. that was really really nice!!

since i worked here, lots of things make me felt, WOW! gila laa!! if dulu, software semua, guna pirate je sudah la.. crack je.. download trial, find keygen! settle.. but not in here.. every software are genuine! bayangkan, they all are willing to buy the software even it cost them hundred thousand?? itu baru software je.. kalau pasal primer data.. they need it for any projects.. they will buy it even it cost them 150k only for GIS Mapping at Kuantan? kalau dlu, kita nak data GIS.. mintak aje dengan kawan2 kita yg kat PBT tu ke. or any other consultants firm.. but, in here, they BUY it!! sungguh aku terkesima.. dari bayar kat PBT 150k for gis data.. dah la tu, not updated nye data lak tu.. baik bagi aku... free2 dapat 150k and i can gave them the gis mapping! (otak business ni!)

after all..

i do admit, i miss the environment in my previous company.. miss the colleagues.. miss ani sup.. kedai gosip.. nasi kukus.. rindu pada suasana bising di sana.. gelak ketawa.. kutuk mengutuk and EVERYTHING... sedangkan tempat jatuh lagi kan di kenang kan.. inikan pulak tempat berkasih sayang.. eyh silap.. tempat bergurau senda!! (^____^)v..

so to them yang dulu kutuk2.. and gave some negative perception.. its ok.. sebab ade plenty of them.. suddenly tiba2 tanye.. "aida, tempat ko tak de kosong ke?".. ahahahhaa.. and my heart just LOL and at the same time tertanya-tanya.. mana pergi kata-kata negatif ko dlu ye?


  1. chicklen? owh di cheras ni tiada chicklen.. tp for the time being aku ulang alik shah alam - cheras.. so chicklen di shah alam je le

  2. wish u all the best ye adik manis:)


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