Monday, 7 February 2011

a note for khariah

Khariah Othman,
we only known each other for not longer than a year
but yet, i felt that we've been knowing each other for ages
u have been my sister back when i was in cdasb
u have been a very good listener to me
which i was not in doubt to met u and shared almost everything
u have been a good role model for me
the patience in you.. the positive thinker of you..

today, February 7th...
were ur last day in there
but i wasnt there
to wave my hands and bid goodbye
to gave u the last hug as a good luck in your way
i wasnt there
to share the last moments with you in there
but yet,
i still felt the emptiness
i still felt the sadness
eventhough i was the first one who walk away from there

the memories between us will always remain in my mind
forgetting you and your kindness will be last thing i would do
i owe you lots
the knowledge, the spirit, the comfort and best of all, the love

thanks for
the friendship
the advices
the love
the care
and everything

good luck in your way
you will always have my prayer
good luck in your life
may happiness always be with you

hope this would not be the end
hope one day, we shall meet again
to tighten up the friendship

forgive me for all of my wrong doings towards you..
either by my attitude or words and face reaction

*missing the great moments we used to had there.. if i can turn back times.. it would be nice!


Thanks for Reading (^_^)