Sunday, 6 February 2011

things that i've learned

i've learned that
never trust anyone with full of your heart
because everyone will keep on changed
and they will never be the same even if they said so

i've learned that
if you love someone, take a good care of it
because if you didn't, some one else will!

i've learned that
promises are made to be broken, so does the heart!
because people are hard to kept their words and heart in a good way

i've learned that
for everything that happened, are meant to be that way
and it have a good reason for it
because, almighty ALLAH know exactly what is the best for us

i've learned that
not everything that you want, you will love it
and not everything that you love, you will have it
because, people will never satisfied

i've learned that
because they doesnt know
that make it happen are worth more than that

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