Friday, 10 December 2010


today, 10/12/10
result examination keluar
and i was so damn frustrated
bila tengok i have to repeat 2 paper..
owh common.. it means i got to take 3 paper + thesis kowt next sem

today, 10/12/10
he suppose to gave me an aswer
rather than left me hanging like this.. its really hurting me..
keep on thinking for a questions without an answers

yes.. i was so damn frustrated today.. 
yes.. i was so damn down today..

mom said:
Anyhow this yr you gone thru bad weather so its not a bad actually just 2 papers only. Do sit down and think what is the best things to do to overcome this failure. I always noe you will perpertually come out of this. You have a strong will power.

and i replied:
2010 is really not a good year for me.. force myself to be strong.. but at certain time.. im just too fragile.. but i know, no matter what happen.. i still got u, family n my besties..

and once again mom replied:

Takpe I noe you can do it. Life is not easy when its comes to feeling of love. Cinta yg buat kita buta hati utk menilai kebaikan dan keburukan nyer. Even me at this age still unable to decide when it comes to love. Am being stupid childish and an idiot to the extend of this. Tapi ibu tabik spring kat awak coz you manage to overcome this.
and once again i replied:

thanx.. twice heartbreak in a row for this year.. really make me down

and mom replied:

Ateh.. ada hikmah di sebalik nyer. Berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu yg memikul. Am always be by us side whenever you need me

and mom.. you makes my tears fall down.. i know i got a very good mom.. who always know what i felt.. who always comfort me whenever im unease.. thanks mom


  1. u go girl...moms always our best 'everythings' !!

  2. pmulaan yang sdih, selalunya akn b'akhir dgn kgmbiraan..insyaAllah

  3. makcik...ketam masak cili apii mak cik

  4. syahdu bila baca your mom's comments.

  5. Bertuah aida ada ibu yang amat memahami...bukan semua orang sebertuah aida..


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