Thursday, 30 December 2010

untuk staff CDASB

Dear Colleagues,
or shall i address all of you as ex colleagues now? hmmm.. sad isnt it? yes, it was so damn sad and a bit hurt when one of us have to waving hand to each other saying goodbye..

19 October 2009...
it was the date i start to join this organization. and im starting as a very newly fresh grad! without zero experiences. without a very limited knowledge and zero life knowledge.. zero knowledge about the procedure, about the submission process.. the requirements.. the local authorities bureaucracy and etc etc etc.. but, i learn step by step.. sometimes independently and sometimes with guidance from all you.. and for that, i owe you all lots which i cant repay the kindness and the sincerity.

i admit, the first month, i still felt awkward.. i dont make a good friends with all of you.. because i was the kind of person who didnt start first.. but, as month passes by.. i became more comfortable.. and i felt, the office is my second home! i love the environment.. the people in there.. even some of them really irritate me. But, he is the bos aite? so i dont have much choices, rather than keep babbling behind him, and the end of the day, i just followed what he want!..

a year and two month i've been with cdasb.. lots i learn.. in terms of scope of works, friendship, management, and not to forget in terms of printer/plotter/fax/typewrite/binding machine repairing too... dats why, everytime when these gadget wont function, they will called my name!.. owh please dont denied!... (^____^).. now, that i am gone, siapa yang akan kalian panggil? owh, please dont call me! cause i will block all future call from cdasb.. ahahaha

even it only a year and two month, but there lots of experiences that i gained.. which for me are so damn valuable. and hopefully, it will always linger in mind and heart.. the bond of friendship, hopefully, it will not ended here.. lets promise to cherish this friendship and always to kept in touch..

siyusly, i do love cdasb.. cdasb was my first organization that i joined which really relates to my degree.. and i really thankful to our managing director cause he really tolerate with me when i want to continue my study at master lever.. he gave me an exception when it comes to exam.. he allowed me to back at 5pm.. which, for that.. i owed him lots.. and i was truly sorry by letting him down with my resignation letter..

31 December 2010
will be my last day.. after this.. you will never heard my shouting.. my laughing.. my babbling and u will never see my moody face and etc.. cdasb will be silent.. because the hurricane is now gone.. which is me!.. please take a really good care of ur own self cause i do care.. and always remember this my friends,

others wont take a good care of our own self if we dont take a good care of it.. and sometimes, we have to be selfish especially when we felt under-appreciated..

i know all of you are really brilliant enough to figure out my hidden message right? i know you do!

knowing you all in cdasb.. really makes my day

  1. Hasrun : as a sweet guy and sometimes sweet talker with lots of brilliant opinions
  2. Din : the sensitive guy but acted as a tough guy! and shall we called him as a sweaty guy? (not sweet ok! but sweat!)
  3. Elly : the 'akak ziana'.. which tak sedar tgh preggy ada hati nak karok lagu ziana.. and opkos, the gossip girl!
  4. kak kerry: the loading lady and as our prefect who will check our attendance daily!
  5. kak nik: the hot mama which dalam hati was so banyak taman bunga! and opkos, vogue okeh!
  6. abg adi: the baldy adie! master of 3d and teh tarik lover! and not to forget, PES Lover!!
  7. kak paeh: as en asri wife in the office! ahaha.. gotcha kak paeh!!!
  8. gee: the girl who like to be alienation in her own world
  9. sam: owh.. this person is same with gee! and opkos the love of ....... (which u know who)
  10. en tan: the annoying and irritating (most of the time) and funny (sometimes) guy!
  11. en asri: sometimes, he like a father for me!
  12. en masri: sometimes he got problems with his face reaction! erks~
  13. che mat: the guy who reject me because of murni appearance.. now murni is gone, baru nak cari i.. wuekkk!!
  14. kak lyyn: the business woman with a really good PR!
  15. kak siti: the person who are always make the office CLEAN!
  16. abg syed: the sengal driver!

and not to forget:

  1. Juliza: the practical students who had fallen with tettttt! ahahaha.. dont denied ur feeling darling!
  2. Syahirah: on her first day, they said.. she is my sister.. because we do look alike.. but its only a first day! the practical student that always been bullied by hasrun to do the dance!

all of you are differ from each others.. but i love making friends with all of you.. going to miss all of you!


  1. im so sad when i read the bebelanku...hahaha..thnkz aida& all staf coz teaching me at cda more 1 month..i really miss ur all after this...wif laugh,mencarut...singing(lebih2 din)...hehhe...see ur next time...

  2. will be missing u too dear.. take a good care of urself ok!


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