Friday, 31 December 2010

the end of the year

okayh. now that 2010 is going to leave us. let us wave our hands to 2010 and saya goodbye.. and not to forget, wave your hands to 2011 by saying, hye and welcome.. ok, memandangkan today would be the last day of the week, the last day of the month and also the last day of the year.. let me sum up what had happen to me sepanjang 2010 ni okeyh... and nows.. lets begin!

nothing much happen in this month.. the first month on the new year that time.. and the year started by my salary been raised up by the management.. rezeki tahun baru orang kata.. alhamdulillah.. in terms of friendship and relationship.. it is normal. none internal conflict and it seems that i started my new year, with a happy one. thanks Al-Mighty ALLAH..

the month of love right!. and for me, as usual.. i didnt celebrate the valentine day. for me, every day is a day to celebrate ur love. well, maybe that 14th would be extraordinary.. but, i dont practices my self to celebrate the day. but on that month, i'd attend the Konsert Satu Suara.. and the most happiest moments is, dapat tangkap gambar dangan abang peyjal tahir! heee.. suka suka suka... but in terms of relationship.. well its getting so and so.. adatlah tu ade je gaduhnye and ade je masalahnye kan.. in terms of friendship.. i got a splendid moments with my kesayangan.. we spent our quality moments at bukit cherakah! kesian korg kan kena buli!! ahahaha..

the third month of the year! lots of birthday on my calendar.. ibu, mak, dyanah, dayana, xerra, myra, hafizah, and etc.. most of them are my sayangness! in this month, also we all (my kesayangan) plan for a vacation to the highland! really got a quality moments with all of you! relationship? getting better.. study getting so and so.. working environment, ok ok la..

we really made it to the highland! got lots of laugh.. but.. sadly, in terms of relationship.. its ended here! damn hurting me so bad.. but a few weeks later.. we decided to be together again! in this month also, i was so down! really down.. but my kesayangan and my family always there for me to comfort me.. thanks to them.. i owed the too much..  in terms of study, lots of assignments need to be settled! really a hectic month! dengan examnye lagi.. ouch.. mmg sangat2 menduga minda dan komitment as full time employee and full time student..

nothing that i can remember on this month.. maybe everything is under control kot.. study pon.. dat tyme was semester break.. and tak de apa yg sgt menarik..

it was some kind of busy week for me.. and sadly, one of my kesayangan had lost her dad.. really felt sorry for her.. be tough okayh dear.. and make him proud of u ... relationship biasa-biasa je.. masih suam-suam kuku.. friendship.. is getting better.. and some times, i realise that i felt akward with one of my friends.. ahahaha...

The month of im turning another year old! both of him were there! but off course, i was more to him rather than him.. study and work is ok ok je..

it is fasting month.. so tak banyak sangat pon peristiwa yg menarik..

the month that i and him turn 3 years! and in this month also.. the another him try to played with my heart..

it was the hurtful month for me.. where i and him only last for 3 years and 3 weeks.. it takes time for me to forgive and forget.. after what i have been thru, im getting better.. its hurting me so damn bad when i know the truth! it is not easy for me to letting go.. and yes.. the another him try to comfort me.. which sometimes make me 'fly'.. owh.. u such a sweet talker! in terms of studies.. its getting worst!

i felt happy in this month.. the another him really makes me happy.. and it is true.. it makes me more happy than the previous one.. but, he also hurt me.. and i felt more hurting with him than the previous one! this month also was the most hurting month of me! i was so damn weak in this month! .. and i also been offered a new job!

its getting hurt! which on the same day i got two hurting answer.. my studies!! its getting worst which i hv failed two paper! and yes.. i also break up with another him! and there are some times.. which i cant event think wisely.. in this month also i had send my resignation letter to cdasb.. ill be working at new place next year, which are more close to another him! prayed that my heart stronger! on this month also, one of kesayangan are getting married! felt happy for both of u.. may happiness always be with you

2010, for me it is really a tough year for me to go thru! lots of obstacles for in this year.. lots of tears.. and i hoping that 2011 will bought me lots of love and prosperity in every way.. 

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